California Karate


Regarding Dojo Etiquette

We welcome all who are visiting and participating in classes at California Karate Association. Because we are engaged in martial arts training, we are asking all parents, visitors, and students to observe the following when you are at our dojo:

– Only students are allowed on the training floor. Shoes are never to be worn while on the dojo training floor. One exception is when folks need to use the restroom….even so, please remove your shoes before walking onto the training floor.

– Cell phone use and casual conversations are not permitted while visiting and watching classes. If you need to make phone calls, please do so outside and please mute your phone when in the dojo.

– Before training officially begins, we are asking all students to focus only on their karate training by warming up, stretching, and practicing. All visiting and social conversations should take place AFTER leaving the dojo.

– All visitors and students who are NOT training, are asked to stand quietly before class begins during the initial line up and meditation. All visitors and students who are NOT training, are asked to stand quietly during the ending line up and meditation at the close of classes.

– All students of all ages are asked to stop briefly as they enter the dojo and to bow towards Sensei or towards the center of the dojo and to follow the same procedure upon leaving.

– If anyone has questions regarding training or other dojo procedures, please ask one of our staff members or black belts for assistance BEFORE class begins or AFTER class ends.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation!

California Karate Association